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We Protect Your Valuables: Filedex Marketing Security Safes

Welcome to Filedex Marketing. We help you in securing your valuables with our home safe box in Singapore. From jewellery to cash to other valuables, we help you safeguard your important items.

    Our safety boxes are best for home use and protect your important items from natural disasters, including fire. Besides, our safety box also secures your valuables from storms and hurricanes. You may store the following items in our safe boxes:
  • Expensive, valuable jewellery
  • Family heirlooms
  • Stock certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Your house titles
  • Foreign currencies
  • Your insurance do

Apart from protecting your home, our Eagle safe box also specializes in fire-resistant safes, data media safes, slot safes, drawer safes and depository safes.

Smart and Efficient Safe Boxes

At Filedex Marketing, we ensure that your valuables are safe. In fact, every inch of our facility ensures that your valuables get the maximum protection. Apart from offering you polite and quick service, we also provide you with immediate access to your unit. While our small-sized units are ideal for cash, jewellery and important documents, our larger boxes safeguard your heavy valuables.

Peace of Mind

Our sophisticated safety box offers a high level of security. If you possess expensive jewels and rare valuables, our safety boxes are the right place to store them. The possibilities of theft, when your items are stored in our vaults are very less, thus allowing you peace of mind.

Your Vital Documents are Safe

Filedex Marketing’s office safe box also helps you store vital documents. Besides your official documents and logbooks, you may also store insurance policies, foreign currencies and educational certificates among others.

No more Misplacement or Loss of Valuables

With our safe vaults, you will no longer misplace or lose important documents and other items. You do not have to worry about organising items, for our home safe boxes do the job for you. Additionally, your family members will also be able to retrieve these items for you, if you are personally unable to. Thus, our safe deposit boxes are the most cost-effective way to secure your items.